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Goddess Meditation: Mafdet

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

The Goddess Mafdet is one of the oldest deities in the Ancient Egyptian tradition. Her name means the Swift One, or the Runner. Mafdet was also the slayer of evildoers in the afterlife and she was an executioner for pharaoh’s enemies. A staff at whose end a knife is tied was the weapon which was used to implement such executions in the very early days of Egyptian history. The knife symbolises Mafdet’s Claw which will tear out the culprit’s heart and, much like a cat, gifting her humans a bird or mouse by laying her dead prey at their feet, Mafdet is repeatedly shown to lay the hearts of pharaoh’s enemies at his feet in the exact same way.

Mafdet is the deification of legal justice and the protection of the king’s chambers and other sacred places. As much as rulers in all eras and civilisations have always used the divine as a justification to claim and hold on to their power, even to the present day, there is another deeper layer to this: Pharaoh was seen as the incarnation of Horus on earth, thus being a God in the flesh, and his responsibility was to uphold the Law of Ma’at, which is divine law and truth, order, justice, harmony and righteousness, as well as pure-heartedness.

When Mafdet comes running into your life and sweeps you off your feet with one swift swipe of her powerful claw, it is time to not only let go of something or someone in your life that no longer serves your highest good or has your best interest at heart, but it is a warning to cut this cancerous, festering “evil” out at once, or else, there will be dire consequences to pay. However, as Mafdet isn’t exactly a cuddly, cosy Goddess, it also means, you are in a position of strength and power to do so. You have all the power within you to proverbially raise Mafdet’s Claw over your head and strike a fatal blow at whatever needs to be instantly removed from your life. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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