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In my Facebook group Tirza's Bookstore, authors can sign up to do a live reading to present their work. I really love to offer other great talents this opportunity to showcase their work. But not everyone is able or willing. Technical, health or confidence issues can keep some amazing authors back from reaching a wider audience and to help, I am offering to read for those who cannot do so for themselves.

Swit is the first author who took me up on the offer for technical issues and being from South Africa, she inserted some Shona and Xhosa terms. I can't click like that but I was told I was still doing well, so I hope I didn't mess up too bad with the words.

This story has moved me so deeply that when I read it the first time, I cried at the end and knowing how this second chapter I am reading here ends, the tears flowed again live. I had to stop and take a breath. More than once. And Swit commented she cried, too. So keep your tissues handy, read about her background below and follow her on social media. Links are at the bottom. But most of all, please, share the hell out of this video for it to reach as many people as possible all around the world.

Let this story be a beacon of light to all the women and children who live in fear and in the face of constant abuse, physical, sexual, emotional and mental. I am begging you to echo the voice of this bright shining soul across the globe. Swit is an advocate for women's and children's rights and her voice who is the voice for countless, millions of soundless voices in this world, needs to be heard. Don't turn away, don't walk off.

Share! Raise awareness! Show the world that it is not okay for a man to commit acts of violence against women and children - and get away with it - merely for the fun of it.

"A society is only ever as strong as its weakest member."

A quote I personally grew up with (and I am sorry, have forgotten who said it first). Look around you. When there is a woman lying in a pool of blood, a frightened child huddled in a corner, is that the kind of society we want? And it doesn't only ever happen to others, to other people in other countries. It can happen anywhere. And it DOES happen anywhere. It can happen to you. Maybe it already has? Give it a voice! Swit speaks for all of you, for all of us.

Watch the recording of my live reading below:

About Swit La Pound

Swit La Pound is a South African author who, as a victim and survivor of abuse, is passionate about writing issues around women and children’s abuse and their link to mental health and behavioural change. Swit also celebrates African culture and tradition through stories and folklore. In addition, she, at times, writes romance and is a poet and a musician. She started publicly writing in February 2020 and has five books available thus far.

Her first is FLOWER IN FLAMES: It’s a Men’s World which is a #1 fictional story that addresses forms, extents and generational existence of abuse, through a heartbreaking, yet hopeful story told by women from different facets and generations. Her second book, EMOTIONS: DIARY OF A VICTIM: It’s a Men’s World #2 is a memoir of her personal experiences with abuse, which focuses on the emotions that followed and how they affected her thinking, perceptions, behaviour and socialization-her mental health. It dissects emotions and attempts to exhibit what really happens to victims of sexual abuse, and abuse generally, after the act.

Her third book, RUGGED RICHES, My love, My Billionaire, is an adult romance (18+), which gives drama, suspense, murder, jealousy and reconciliation all in one intriguing story of unexpected love.

The fourth book she wrote is WHAT IF? ABSURD SHORT STORIES, a collection of African tales that will get you wondering and thinking. The book explores tradition, belief, MUTI, witchcraft, power hunger, inhumane transformations and the search for immortality.

Currently, she has a unique blend of poetry, entrie and short stories in one book, RANDOMNESS OVERLOAD, which is still ongoing, but available for free reads of the available chapters.

Swit is also a guest writer in The N Dream blog, every Tuesday.

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Blog: The N Dream Blog



Flower in Flames

What If? Absurd Short Stories

Rugged Riches, My love, My Billionaire

Randomness Overload

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