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The Divine Masculine: An Introduction

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Personal Goddess Reiki Sessions with Tirza Schaefer

You know how much I love working with and writing about Goddesses, of course. It feels great, empowering, interesting, even adventurous to explore your own psyche, your own Divine Feminine within through the archetypes of the Goddess. And equally, I have written on this in reference to Power Animals also.

Goddesses & Power Animals by Tirza Schaefer

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What I had planned on doing was to write on 66 Goddesses first before starting a new project, that of God Meditations to add to my Divine Library. As there is only me here, my time, energy and resources are limited, of course, being a human being God/dess like everyone else. However, as you may have read or heard me mention several times already, one of my closest guides is the Ancient Egyptian Jackal God Anubis and there is also a beautiful and powerful masculine side to Divinity, which I wanted to explore after I’d done the Goddesses, so as not to have too many projects open and thus “spreading myself too thin.”

Then again, you know that life is what happens while you make plans and what can be construed as a curveball in our logical minds, can actually be a blessing in disguise when you look at it from a different perspective. When you can’t see this perspective, it is then that your trust in your own inner voice and guidance is tried and tested. As I have learned over the years that disaster usually always strikes when I don’t listen to and follow my inner voice, I am making an effort to follow it and trust that the blessings and wisdom will be revealed along the way, even if I don’t see it at once. It is a blind leap, but one I have learned to trust and appreciate.

So when Anubis told me it was time to write about him and I semi-ignored it by saying yes and procrastinating on it and then I got more prompts from various sources to write on the archetypal aspects of the Divine Masculine, starting now, rather than later, I finally relented. And thus, there is now a new point in the menu of my website, adding to my Divine Library, that of Gods. To explore this, follow this link:

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Enjoy your exploration of your inner psyche through the Divine Masculine, starting with Nun, Anubis and Thoth (more to come)!

Much love,

Tirza xoxo


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