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Goddess Meditation: Cerridwen

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Cerridwen is an enchantress. She gets mentioned in medieval texts of legends and is a Celtic Welsh Goddess of the Moon. Cerridwen is said to be in possession of the cauldron of poetic inspiration, called Awen. is dark Goddess who, according to legend, swallowed her servant who was subsequently reborn as the greatest Welsh poet and bard in medieval history by the name of Taliesin. Thus, she is Goddess of inspiration and poetry but is also a dark Goddess for her destructive powers that precede the rebirth and transformation she also facilitates. this ancient Dark Moon and Mother Goddess, also referred to as Great Mother, White Lady of Inspiration and Death, Goddess of Nature, the Old One, the Hag of Creation and Grain Goddess, is a complex and powerful one.

Cerridwen is the Dark Great Mother whose energies are not always easy to deal with, but working with one’s shadow parts is always very rewarding. There are great healing and transformation to be found in exploring this part of the archetype in our own psyche.

It is worthwhile to allow ourselves to die inwardly, meaning to purge ourselves and let go of the smaller version of ourselves we’ve been thus far, in order to make room for a greater, grander and more authentic one. This is by no means a one-off occurrence, but an ongoing process in our personal development, shifting and upgrading to an ever higher consciousness. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

Watch this video clip about Cerridwen:

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