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Special Guest Interview with Editor Gina Casto

Last week, I embarked on the first interview of a series, interviewing special guests that are related to the book industry in some way in my public Facebook group Tirza’s Bookstore. This project has always been a dream of mine and I have finally made a start on it with quite a blast to ring in this new era.

My first Special Guest was professional editor and author Gina Casto who writes under the pen name Gina Salamon. Gina has created new group programs to learn about editing and how to better build your storyline and characters. Let me tell you, she is a fountain of expert advice and such a kind person at the same time. Her motto is “I will always be honest to be of help but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude” is what she lives by.

And let me tell you, does she know what she is doing! With her new platform Killing It Write, she is offering authors resources not only with her courses but also her blog that are invaluable in terms of bring you forward in honing your own writing skills. I’ve learned so much in only this completely free interview and I will take part in one of her courses as well.

Like myself, a lot of Indie authors don’t have a large budget to spend on editing and marketing and Gina knows this and has priced her services, group programs and individual coaching and editing alike, to ensure that everyone is able to afford a professional when you first start out.

On top of this INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR MONEY regular pricing, she is offering everyone who has watched our interview a special BONUS DISCOUNT of 20% when you tell her, Tirza sent you, as of now, right through to the end of September, so make sure you don’t let this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY pass you by unused!

If you’re not on Facebook, I upload all my interviews (and other video recordings) on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and make sure to turn on that little bell that will let you know when there is a new video. Watch my interview with Gina here:

I also invite you to follow Gina by subscribing to her website and following her on all social media.

Her editor website is called Killing It Write ( and you can find her books under her author’s pen name Gina Salamon ( And by the way, her romantic suspense novels are AH-MAZING! You really want to check them out! 5 stars from me all the way through!

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