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Goddess Meditation: Artemis

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Artemis is an Ancient Greek virgin Moon Goddess. She is Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, nature and chastity, as well as midwifery. Her twin is the Sun God Apollo. Artemis was a perfect shot at archery and would delight in it. The twins’ parents were Leto and Zeus. Artemis, as the firstborn, helped her mother as midwife upon the birth of her brother.

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During her childhood, Artemis is described as a daddy’s girl. She sits on her father’s lap and asks favours, which Zeus bestows upon her. The list varies in different accounts, but it is clear that, even as a child, Artemis knew already exactly what she wanted and her wishes were focused on those. Artemis and her brother Apollo are said to be more beautiful than any other deities but their father Zeus does not only adore his daughter Artemis for her pretty looks. To him, it is her spirit, her focus, her confidence and unwavering belief that she will get all she wants and knows exactly what that is.

In this, Artemis teaches us that when we know exactly what we want and focus on it with a laser-sharp mind, not only knowing, but feeling that it is already there without being distracted and side-tracked by other influences, divine energy will bow to our will and all our wishes will manifest. After all, Artemis never misses her aim when directing an arrow at a target. She teaches us to become one with her bow and arrow, her target and melt into this state of being through the power of her breath, visualisation and feelings. This unwavering focus in stillness is what succeeds in manifesting your desires easily and effortlessly. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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