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Goddess Meditation: Arianrhod

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


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Arianrhod is a Celtic Welsh sky or moon Goddess. She is the epitome of feminine celestial power who rules over fertility, childbirth and reincarnation. She is the most powerful child of Don, the primeval Mothergoddess, a parallel to the Irish Dana or Danu, and was described as very pale and very beautiful. She was a Virgin Goddess, but not in the Christian or modern meaning of the word, but in the original ancient one. She was a woman all unto herself, independent, who doesn’t need protection from a man. She was also said to enjoy her sexuality with a pronounced preference for mermen.

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Explore how Tirza can support you on your personal journey.

In her capacity as Silver Wheel, Arianrhod was responsible for the souls of warriors who died in battle. She collected them on board of her ship, the Oar Wheel, and transported them to Emania, a place which is also known as Moonland. In the Northern sky, whirling around the ever stationary North Star, Arianrhod presided over the fates of departed souls, nurturing their journeys between lives, which makes her the protectress of the dead and in charge of reincarnation.

Arianrhod’s animal familiars are Owl, which had a long association with death in Celtic, and generally European mythology, and Wolf which, to the Celts, is linked to the power of the moon in Welsh folklore. The tree associated with her is the birch, standing for new beginnings. Because of her preference for mermen and her son Dylan, she is also closely associated with the sea. When you work with her energy, delve into your own soul, discover past lives and release any limiting beliefs and soul contracts. Observe your won cycles and work with them

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