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God Meditation: Apollo

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Apollo is the national deity of modern Greece but has been one of the most important and complex deities in ancient Greek culture and mythology, too. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, younger twin brother of Artemis and a solar and light deity. His areas of influence are the fine arts like music and poetry, truth and prophecy, healing and plagues in regards to men, where his lunar sister Artemis reins over healing and plagues in women. As the patron deity of Delphi, Apollo presided over the oracle there prophesying. It was believed that the priestess received her messages through him.

Apollo is the bringer and shower of truth, the one that exposes and reveals it. He brings clarity where there was confusion, light, where there was dark, healing and wholeness where disease and fragmentation reigned previously. And yes, Apollo can also bring death and disease and plagues. But viewing this in the light that the God is a divine principle, an archetype and part of the human psyche, it is obvious how this fits together.

Thus, Apollo is our inner guiding light, the active part, the doer, the part that acts on divine inner guidance, the one that takes control and leads, the ego that is surrendered to divine will, your soul’s purpose, rather than being ruled by materialistic, existentialist fears. Apollo is the solar power of the Tarot’s Sun card. When you embrace your masculine, solar power and use it to serve your higher purpose and utilise it for the achievement of your goals, nothing can stop you! To learn more about this God and use his energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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