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Goddess Meditation: Anahit

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Anahit is the Ancient Armenian Goddess of water, which is the source of all Life, and also of wisdom, healing and fertility. She is the daughter of Aramazd and together with him and her brother-consort Vahagn she forms a triad. She is closely related to the Persian-Zoroastrian Anahita and going further East to India, the heart chakra’s name in Sanskrit is Anahata, which means unstruck, unhurt and unbeaten.

Services by Tirza Schaefer

In other words, the meaning is pure, untainted, not hurt or wounded in any way and this means kindhearted and loving. There are no limiting beliefs, traumas or other energy blockages that have turned the bearer of this name to someone who is holding back love and understanding in any way. It is the unstruck sound of the celestial realm and stands for calmness, balance and serenity.

When we face the moments in life we have acted out of fear or other limiting beliefs, it is easy to condemn ourselves, feel guilty and hide those memories away from ourselves. However, Anahit reminds us they are still there and won’t go away and that guilt and shame have never served to make anything better. Taking responsibility and learning from our mistakes, though, are very useful in becoming an ever greater version of ourselves. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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