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Goddess Meditation: Kali

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Kali is the Hindu Goddess of creation, death and destruction. Superstitiously inclined people will fear her and there have been some cults where humans were sacrificed to appease the Goddess. This brought her a very bad reputation when, in fact, nothing is further from the truth. The times were tales of living nightmares undermined the glory of a powerful female deity should be long over and the demonization of the divine feminine as anything but a mother and nurturer by a patriarchal system that fears and suppresses women have been allowed to go unchecked long enough.

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Kali is a very empowering Goddess and she brings liberation through her strength and fierceness. Hers is not the path of diplomacy because in some situations in life, you have to take a firm stand and clearly express what it is you want or don’t want and ensure that these boundaries are protected by you and respected by others.

And if what you need is a warrior queen to enable you to stand up for yourself, you needn’t watch Xena and wish you had all those martial arts skills, you can draw on your inner Kali because she is there, usually buried deep down and hidden, but there nonetheless. You can dig her out, dust her off and swing her spiritual sword, slay those demons in your path, your fears, your anger, your victimhood, and come out victorious, as the conqueror of your own destiny. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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