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The Goddess Empowerment Coaching Package

Before booking your coaching package, please contact me for a free discovery call to determine whether we are a good fit.

The Goddess Empowerment Coaching Package by Tirza Schaefer is designed to enable women who experience blockages through fears, trauma and limiting beliefs to discover the inner Goddess and embrace their innate Goddess Powers in order to create a life of greater happiness, fulfilment and success.


Tirza’s loving and nurturing personality is perfect to guide and support you through the beginning stages of your journey to greater self-love, overcome fears and limiting beliefs and develop faith and confidence in your own powers. Through a combination of coaching calls, Goddess Reiki healing sessions and oracle card readings that take you on an inner journey of self-discovery, as well as working with Goddess archetypes to uncover, nurture and develop your own innate talents and skills.


Throughout the coaching, you are given encouragement, support, tools and exercises designed to become the Goddess-woman you have always longed to be but never dared to believe you could be. Tirza will show you the way how this is possible in a safe energetic container that is loving and supportive, without judgement.

The duration of the coaching package is 5 months plus a free month during which you receive certain previously prepared materials, etc. but during which there are no live calls, except the Goddess Circle group events, see below for details. This is due to the fact that Tirza allocates two months a year for travels, family and intense writing, one during the summer and the month of December.

The Benefits of Goddess Empowerment Coaching

During the Goddess Empowerment Coaching journey with Tirza Schaefer, the following benefits have a high chance of occurring:


  • Greater self-confidence

  • Sense of purpose

  • Less anxiety and/or fear

  • Faith in yourself

  • Improvement of self-image

  • More structured day and workflow

  • Greater clarity on your own mission in life

  • Clear definition of results, goals and dreams you want to achieve

  • Taking measurable steps towards your dreams

  • Seeing tangible results

  • Discovering and utilising your innate talents

  • Nurturing and expanding on your skills

  • Greater self-love

  • Willingness and ability to take greater (calculated) risks

  • A general improvement in life quality through one or more of the following, confidence, happiness, fulfilment and success

  • Gaining tools to help you streamline and heighten the efficiency and effectiveness of your tasks and efforts towards your goals

What Is Included in the Goddess

Empowerment Coaching Package?

The TSGC sessions are designed to facilitate the following benefits:


  • Relaxation

  • Healing

  • Connection with like-minded people in a safe, sacred space

  • Connection to Source

  • Connection to your inner Divinity

  • Working with energetic archetypes

  • Getting to know your own psyche better

  • Gaining further insights

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and destructive, self-sabotaging behavioural patterns that no longer serve you

  • Clearing negative energy from your aura on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

  • Supporting your energetic system to flow more freely

  • Amplifying and raising your energies and that of the entire TSGC

  • Bringing about greater healing and embracing your own innate divine powers

Extra Bonus Gifts

  1. The Goddess Meditations, Book 1 in print, signed with a personal dedication for you as soon as it is published coming in the post, free shipping included, value ca. €20.00.

  2. An amazing 5% discount on all of Susianna’s crystal products when your order is ₤50.00 or more. Check out her main page Crystals by Susianna here on my website for further information on her. She’s an intuitive expert when it comes to crystals and stocks some powerful crystals you’ve likely not ever heard of. If you want to go beyond Rose Quartz and Co., Susianna is your go-to Goddess! You can make this gift as valuable as you like!

  3. A full moon recorded meditation to end cycles, help you to find closure, let go of the old and that which no longer serves you, value €55.00.

What's Expected of You

A coaching agreement is a two-way street. No one can be coached against their will and even if you say, you want to move forward, many are not ready to go beyond their comfort zone and work on changing old behavioural patterns, thought processes and worldviews. Because of this, you must ask yourself first of all:


"Am I ready to put in the work consistently on a daily basis over several months? Am I ready to take on constructive criticism delivered in a loving way and work on expanding my horizons while moving beyond my comfort zone?"

To fulfil your end of the commitment, you are expected to:

  • Meditate daily in the morning and evening

  • Set intentions

  • Keep a journal

  • Do your homework diligently

  • Keep an open mind and heart

  • Be prepared to go beyond your comfort zone

  • Be honest and trust

"I had a Goddess Session with Tirza yesterday. She brought forward messages that I needed to hear again through her oracle cards and gave me a Goddess Reiki session afterwards. Tirza has a very lovely and calming presence and brings forward messages in a gentle way. I felt SOOOO AMAZING after the Goddess Reiki session. I felt lighter, happier and more grounded thanks to her support. She really made my afternoon and I would definitely recommend her to people seeking guidance and support with their energy! Thanks again Tirza!"

Stef Ventura, Stef Ventura Coaching

"I had the most AMAZING Goddess reading with Tirza last week. Tirza was so spot on with all of the information that she brought forth for me. I felt understood and heard by her gentle and compassionate way of delivering her messages. I was able to get clarity on some deep issues that were perplexing me and felt such a sense of inner peace. I wholeheartedly recommend Tirza’s Goddess Reiki Sessions for anyone who is looking to seek the divine wisdom of the goddesses. She is a class act! Thank you so much, Tirza!!!"

RaShawn Dyonne, Creative Holistic Solutions

"Inspiring & beautiful! Tapping into your energy vibrations helps make your life, other lives & the Universe so much better, healthier, in tune with all. Thank you!"

Patricia Fontana

"I've been feeling energised with Goddess energy since the Full Moon Goddess Circle - so many things have aligned for me to be out in nature, up high, overlooking towns and villages and being in spaces that are sooooo peaceful since - I am so grateful for it!xxx"

Leila Hardy, Holistic Health & Life Coach

"Thanks for creating such powerful groups, gorgeous Tirza Schaefer, at such nominal prices for everyone! I am grateful for this opportunity and our last group was a blessing for me, it brought a lot of positive changes in me, the activities we did in that were brilliant and very helpful for bringing positive changes in myself, in my personal growth! I surely recommend your groups and amazing challenges to everybody in my friends' group and Facebook people. I can't thank you enough for everything you bring for all of us and for changing our lives in a positive way. You are a magician without a magic wand in hand, you are an angel without Wings, you are totally godsent for all around you! Those who have you are very lucky!"

Apeksha Puri, CEO of the Street Dog Charity Organisation Pure Vibes Doggies Tribe PVDT

“Full Moon Goddess Circle reflections. (November 2018 with Goddess Seshat.) Thank you again, Tirza, for the wonderful talk and meditation! The visualization brought up some deep feelings for me to look at and work on transforming. My intention for this month is simple and I focused on it intently. This week I’ve been really working to bring it into my daily life. It is: Spend more time being present with my kids. Get into FLOW daily. By the way, when you did the Power Animal challenge in October, I tried to do the ‘meet your power animal’ meditation and got distracted and frustrated so I quit and went to play with my kids. I tried it again at night this week and saw a grey wolf.”

Emily J Bell, Tree Chic Eco Boutique


"As A Reiki Practitioner, And working with Angels, The love and connections that Tirza links to, Are blessed by Angels, and all our friends are connected in Love and Light."

Lee Duffield, Reiki Practitioner & Angel Worker

“Tirza, that was the most fantastic delivery of a guided meditation with beautiful images, passion and knowledge. I really related best to Seshat. Tirza, that was one powerful meditation and since it is I seem to have such an affinity for ancient Egypt, the Goddess Seshat really spoke to me. I felt her enter me through the top of my head in her spirit form. I willingly allowed it and we became One. I am so thrilled to be carrying her inside of my now! Your delivery and guidance with imagery were fabulous! I was right there with her, Seshat, in an ancient dimension and I have brought her into a modern dimension with me. I really related to the moon being in Gemini, too, because Gemini is my sun sign! And the Goddess Seshat put a blessing on my throat chakra to allow me to speak and write with more confidence and clarity. I also placed an intent with her to manifest $3000 extra income during the month of December, The leopard spoke to me more adamantly in that He wants to be painted face-on walking in the snow. I am going to paint him in oils and I already had bought a huge canvas to make him life-size. I am going to paint him in oils and it may take several weeks to finish him. The cheetah assured me that my intents for income would come with speed and that I would not live without. Thank you for a fantabulous Full Moon Goddess Circle meditation, Tirza! You are the best! I love you! Again, you are amazing!”

Gayvenda Kessler, Spiritual Artist, Usui Reiki Healer & Ascended Master


"Authentic. Honest. Highly gifted. Deeply intuitive. The dedication and support she gives to her one-to-one clients and the groups she works with are exemplary and inspirational. Professional, compassionate and honest, you couldn't choose a finer mentor as your cheerleader, wise guide and experienced companion on your own unique spiritual journey. Being on one of her online courses this Summer has been life-changing for myself and fellow participants. To find this level of absolute trust, unconditional love and non-judgement in a sacred space, such as the one Tirza creates, is a rare treasure. This woman is a gift and a blessing."

India Wilson, WHOLE_istic Media


"Tirza is a delightful Spirit! I'm so tickled our paths have crossed. Her Goddess Reiki is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoy her authenticity as well as creative sparkle."

Ilisa Millermoon, Intuitive Artist, Children's Book Author & Illustrator and Your Soul Journey Guide​​

"Dear Tirza, I feel wonderful!!!! Thank you so much! I felt something release in me before you said ok, how do you feel. I felt free. I have not had a sad cry day for a week, so nice! Or even just the weighed-down feeling. Thank you so much again. You helped me so much!"

Jill Rochon


I just had an incredible Reiki session with the lovely, caring Tirza! She gently guided me to a place of peace while pulling out negative energy and healing the pain that I had been having in my back and legs. She was gentle and open, sharing her gifts in a way that brought peace and comfort. I left the session feeling energized and centred. She is an amazingly supportive healer with a beautiful soul!

Carol Owens, Author

"I received a Reiki session with Tirza, and I LOVED it! I felt so clearly guided and supported by Tirza, who was gentle, affirming, and open. I received the information I needed to hear and healing to support me, and I left feeling stronger, more revitalized, and centred. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking energetic support. She is fantastic!"

Jenna Zhu, Actress


Praise for Tirza's Services

How to Book Your Personal Coaching Space


As you have seen above, the regular benefits and sessions included in this 6-months coaching package are a sum total of €1,345.00.


The special bonus gifts come on top of that and the support you get is invaluable because I truly care about my Goddesses and only want the very best for them.


Because you’re part of my special soul tribe, I am offering this exclusive package as a one-time payment for only-





or as a payment plan in 5 easy instalments for only €233.00 each.




I am so thrilled to welcome you aboard!

Much Goddess Love,


Tirza xoxo

Thanks! Message sent.

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