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Back in Spain, Sarah needs to take her mind off Seb's going rogue in the States after his mother's death and Dom has just the thing to take her mind off things. He takes her to Andalusia to spend some time horse riding and have some sweet, romantic moments in a different environment, away from home.


However, the brother of the terrorist Sarah and her men took out is set on revenge and his first target is the woman the three former special forces men have sworn to protect with their lives.


Then events take an unexpected turn and Sarah has to make a decision that will tear her heart apart, no matter which way she decides. Can her warriors save her before it is too late?

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“And before you go into that kind of direction, Rio, you really need to learn about responsibility. A leader is not someone who can boss everyone around, has five girls on every finger and a gold chain around his neck. A true leader is someone who works hard and thinks always of the best interest of those who depend on him or her before anything else. Dom is like that. He is royalty in that sense. He always looks out for all of us, he keeps me safe and when I have a problem, no matter how great or small, he will sort it out for me or find someone who can.”

“You really love him, don’t you? The way you talk about him.”

“I do. And I respect him for the man he is. I trust him for the character he has. I’ve got the hots for him because of how sexy he is. He is like a god.”

“Then why do you need three of them?”

“I didn’t get to choose that. They came as a package deal. They proposed this arrangement to me and quite frankly, I don’t think I could have chosen one over the others. I fell in love with all three of them so hard and so fast, it nearly tore my heart out of my chest.”


“So tell me about Tank and Seb. What are they like? What do you like about them?” Rio prodded.

“Tank is like a rock in a churning sea. He is a warrior but a spiritual warrior. He doesn’t only fight. He uses energy, he is at one with nature and the elements. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, his words carry so much power. He looks at me and I know he doesn’t only see me as a goddess, I am the goddess personified for him. He is a genius, too, but he is not arrogant or conceited at all.


“He is patient, kind, loving, helpful and so deeply honourable. When he commits, he goes all the way. It’s a life and death choice for sure. When he holds me, I feel like I have found my home for the first time in my life. He loves me so much, it breaks my heart sometimes because I don’t know how to repay all that devotion. I can only return it in kind.”

Sarah held her phone pressed against her chest over her heart. She didn’t even realise she was clutching it so tightly talking of the men she loved. But it felt good to tell someone how much she loved them. It felt liberating and sacred in a way.


“And Seb?” Rio reminded her after a short while of silence where neither of them had said a word.

“Seb is incredible. He is like a wild Viking. He is the one most easily giving in to his emotions but that doesn’t mean he is moody or not dependable. He is like a force of nature but at the same time, he has the best technique in close combat you can imagine. He is like the Bruce Lee in the world of Special Forces. He has started to train me a little and just a few lessons in, I was able to break branch. You don’t ever want to fuck with him. He can kill you with his bare hands in 123 different ways before you even realise you’re dead.”


“Am I talking to a ghost?” Rio laughed and Sarah fell in.

“I hope not. But Seb is also the jester of the trio. He is so light-hearted, so happy and carefree. His joy is catching and so genuine like a child’s. He is totally in the moment when he jokes and banters and fools around to lighten the mood. He is the one who doesn’t let his brothers get too serious and depressed. And he has made me laugh more in under two months than I have in the entire last year before I came to Spain. He is like spring blossoming in your heart again after a long and barren winter.”


And while Sarah spoke, she realised it was true. Seb was the one who put sunshine into her heart, made her soul sing and dance, laugh and feel young and free again, experience this childlike joy, the radiance of life.

“He sounds like he is completely devoted to you as well,” Rio told her when she had finally finished gushing about Seb.

“He is. Rio, I am so sorry, but I need to go. I have to do something right now.”

“You gonna call the poor man in the middle of the night?”


“He isn’t sleeping.”

“How do you know? These guys are too rich for nightshifts, aren’t they?”

“I know things. That’s my superpower. And I know something else. You will never be the same again after tonight. And you are going to work on yourself. You will visit us next summer and something wonderful will happen that will make you very happy for a very long time.”

She stood up, bent down over him and kissed his brow.

“By summer next year, you will be worthy. Good night.”

She turned and ran back to the guest house.

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