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New Releases by Tirza & Friends

Natillie Painter - The Red Shoes Chronic

Unlucky in love and unsatisfied in the bedroom, until they slip into a pair of magical high heels: THE RED SHOE CHRONICLES

The rules of the shoes are simple. You put them on, and for forty-eight hours, your wildest sexual fantasies will come true. For forty-eight hours you will be irresistible to whomever you desire. Not to mention, you’ll have sex that will make 50 Shades look G-rated. The only catch is, at no point during the forty-eight hours can the shoes come off. If they do, the magic is over.

Warning, this collection is hot enough to smoulder your kindle!

Featuring stories from:
NYT Bestselling author N.R. Larry
London Kingsley
NYT Bestselling author Margo Bond Collins
USAT Bestselling author Gracen Miller
USAT Bestselling author Brea Viragh
USAT Bestselling author Liz Gavin
J.P. Uvalle
Anya J. Cosgrove
EmKay Connor
Chiquita Dennie
Sunny Abernathy


QUARANTINED by J.C. Seal et al.

If you imagine a worst-case scenario as outcome to the Covid19 crisis, how would the future look like? This is my version of an altered world...


There Is No Such Thing As Magic - J.C. Seal


After sleeping for decades, RO-2020-174 and his squad get woken by strange energy recharging their power cells. Three dirty, dishevelled kids using magic have ripped them out of hibernation mode, looking for help. RO and his squad find themselves more than 30 years in the future, in a strangely altered world. The curiosity of the three kids forces RO to struggle with the partial loss of his memory banks, trying to explain how this future they live in came to pass, also making a shocking discovery about his own creation.


This is my story, one of many in the QUARANTINED boxed set.

RIGHTEOUS DAWN & THE REDEEMED by Catrin Russell: FREE Download!

In anticipation of the relaunch of The Light of Darkness series by Catrin Russell


You can download the 2 prequels - Righteous Dawn and The Redeemed - for FREE by signing up to her newsletter!

Said about Righteous Dawn:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This prequel is an absolute jewel!"

- Karen Crawford Mysteries

Said about The Redeemed:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Dark, gritty, raw and heartbreaking, but also uplifting at the end, The Redeemed is a tale of faith, trust and second chances that will appeal to any fantasy lover out there! It is fabulous!"

- The Magic Book Corner

KISS OF MAGIC by Sunny Abernathy et al.

Shifters, witches, demons, vampires, you name it … these curvy heroines are in the THICK of it.


Grab your copy today and devour these BBW paranormal romance stories by NYT and USA Today bestselling and hot new authors.


Kiss of Magic has MF, FF, and Reverse Harem Romance stories. The book includes 15+ paranormal romance stories to heat up your Kindle! There’s something in here to satisfy every desire.


Kiss of Magic features stories by:

Sunny Abernathy, S. Cinders, A. J. Macey, Aidy Award, Leigh Kelsey, McKenzie Rogue, Samantha Bell, Bethany Strobel

Stefanie Nici - The Smoke Tree Broken Br



by Stefanie Nici

This is the sequel to Stefanie Nici's debut novel The Smoke Tree.

Life is finally looking up for Tora McAllister. There is a sexy veterinarian in her life, a couple of good friends, and an apartment she loves (even if the elevator is broken, having her walk up three flights of steps to get there).

But someone from her past doesn't share in her happiness, and that's when her clean slate starts to get all chalked up.
How will Tora enjoy a fresh start when it is full of new problems?



by Stefanie Nici

What's a girl to do after it all falls apart?

That is what Tora McAllister must learn after her husband's sudden trip to the hospital leads her to the surprise of her life. Feeling abandoned and alone, she is left to figure it out on her own.

Enter Peanut, a Yorkie Terrier her sister Courtney drops into Tora's frazzled lap. Peanut's presence brings her new joy, as well as a friendship with a popular neighbour and a handsome veterinarian, shaking up Tora's life even more. Finding it difficult to let go of what was, will Tora welcome new beginnings with open arms or continue clinging to a hopeless past?

Want to know how the story continues? Broken Branches is the sequel to this outstanding story.

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