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Yes, I know. After writing six months on Her Badass Bikers, this little gem came through in one long weekend session. I'm a sucker for Christmas. I needed something Christmassy to make me feel good and I just wrote and wrote and wrote for two days, then another day to read, rewrite and edit myself and handed it over to my awesome editor Dana's Edits.

I didn't think I'd write another paranormal book after last year's A Beary Little Christmas which had bear shifters, a witch and karmic twins in it. I have tried my hand at vampire stories so often but never finished a single one. That I finished this one and in two days at that is possibly a Christmas miracle in itself.

So here goes the sweet, kind vampire Lorenzo and the love of his eternal life Sienna in this sweet, romantic slowburn of a Christmas romance that will warm your hearts while you read, preferably by an open fire with a hot drink, all nice and cosy. (And yes, there are hot scenes but by my standards, this is a very sweet romance.)


TCT 04 A Vampire for Christmas.png


EN 13 Her Badass Bikers.png

HER BADASS BIKERS by Tirza Schaefer



This book crept up on me and could not be denied any longer. I tried to put it on the back burner and get through my planned WIPs first (Works In Progress, for those who are not familiar with this abbreviation). But Ava and Jax called to me and when I thought, I could start writing a bit of it, maybe a short and steamy summer novella, Liam, Mace and Snubbs decided they would join and while I am on this book still, it has developed into the longest I have written so far.

There is fun, there is action, there is drama and even a couple of shootouts. Crazy family affairs and a nerdy kid who keeps everyone on their toes. And if that wasn't enough already, you've not yet met Gospel Gloria!

I had so much fun writing this, I laughed out loud in the middle of the night, waking up my cat and my daughter, I clenched my fists and had my jaw ticking, too.

The characters have hijacked the entire story and led me down a completely different path to what I had intended in the beginning, and then to what I had intended a couple of chapters in and then...you catch my drift. Anyway, watch this space so you won't miss the publishing date! It's in editing now and I am tentatively aiming for Valentine's Day because the story begins in February, so what better date to pick, right? And look at that cover! Is it hot or what?!

Check the book out here!

RC Christiansen Hush wide.jpg

HUSH: The Final Tainted Story

by R&C Christiansen

It was always her. Verna Firefly Dodd. She was the one woman in the world who understood me. It didn’t matter that I was born mute; I never needed to talk around her. She was beautiful and full of optimism, and she loved me too, but she shouldn't have.

It made her vulnerable. I made her weak.

I knew it, and yet I allowed myself to fall in love with her, for more reasons than I could count… But she wasn’t mine to love. She was my brother’s: his wife and his Firefly.

I’d learned to shove it down; after all, what could I say?

I was voiceless.

My inability to talk had made me an easy target in a world where judgments are harsh, and talking my way out of a troubling situation wasn’t an option. I needed Verna. She was my life raft on violent waters. My channel through the hush.

I may have come into the world silently, and I’ll leave it that way too…

But what I won’t do is go out without telling my side of the story.

And when wanting her pushes me past the breaking point, will I betray my brother and cross the line?

If anything is worth the risk, it’s her.

Read my 5-star review of Hush here!

Catrin Books.jpg


by Catrin Russell

★★★★★ "A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge, that will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!"

- The Magic Book Corner

As humans engage in a sweeping war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light is forced to choose between heart and duty.

Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love will blur the very line between good and evil.

The Light of Darkness series is intended for a mature audience, containing sensitive subjects including violence, torture, consequences of sexual abuse, emotional scars, mature language, and steamy scenes.

The Light of Darkness is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping Epic & High fantasy tales with dark undertones and romance.

When you sign up to Catrin Russell's newsletter, you'll be gifted the prequels of this series, Righteous Dawn and The Redeemed, as well as the prequel for her new upcoming series, Forged by Blood as ebooks. However, you can also purchase these books as paperbacks from Amazon (as I have done) because these books are definitely worth having in print on your shelf! Here are the links to the individual books:

Righteous Dawn (Prequel 1 to The Light of Darkness series)

The Redeemed (Prequel 2 to The Light of Darkness series)

The Power of Conviction (The Light of Darkness #1)

The Path of Salvation  (The Light of Darkness #2)

The Resurgence of Light (The Light of Darkness #3)

Nefarious Echoes (The Light of Darkness #4)

Wake of Sins (The Light of Darkness #5)

The Thousand Year Divide - to be published in January 2022 (The Light of Darkness #6)

Forged by Blood (Prequel to the upcoming A Kingdom Scarred series)

Stefanie Nici - How to Find Readers for Your Book.png

How To Find Readers For Your Book

by Stefanie Nici

Find Your Readers!

Author Stefanie Nici shares some of her own techniques to help writers easily find new readers while living everyday life.

Quickly learn the ideas, concepts, and methods you can apply before and after publishing. Read how you can spark engagement on and off social media to help increase sales and added income without having to flip through pages of filler and fluff to find out.

Kirran Thompson Where's the Magic SET UP_edited.jpg


by Kirran Thompson

A Pop Punk Inspired Novel.

Do you believe in Fairytales? Everyone did at some point but then a 9 to 5 life kicks every dreamer to the curb at some point. That is where Sophia Andrews is at.

Sophia Andrews has hit the wall. Ever since she has turned thirty her life has been heading into a downward spiral. Her boyfriend has broken up with her and in three months her job will be redundant. Having worked in the same record shop since she was sixteen Sophia has no idea where to start looking. Just the one job; even she knows she does not look good on paper.
Everything has gone digital, even music which is why Record Direct is soon to be a thing of the past.
Three Months is all Sophia Andrews has to get her life back on track or just enough to keep the roof over her head. With Christmas season around the corner Sophia Andrews needs a miracle.

Maybe that miracle is in the form of two temporary staff to handle the not so busy closing down, three month sale. Sophia thinks not. There is Lexi-Lou. An eighteen year old trainee hairdresser who has no idea who Jack Nicholson is and never wears the same outfit twice. She parties every night. Unlike Sophia who goes out once every six months to attend a concert and considers that sociable. Falling asleep by 9pm in the middle of a film is her scene nowadays.
And then there is Henry. A 34 year old divorcee from London who has ruled out dating and wants a fresh start since his wife ran of with the drummer from his band.

With nothing on the horizon Sophia looks back on her life and that only brings back her nightmares. The pressure her wedding planner parents have put upon her to settle down and get a proper career are hanging over her soon to be unemployed head. If only she could go back to high school and start over. Maybe go back in time to the 90's and pretend her life is a 90's rom-com movie. At the moment it is playing out like a tragedy.

Thomas Kane - The Mara League Series.jpg

MARA OF THE LEAGUE: The Complete Series

by Thomas Kane

Follow Mara from an inquisitive 11-year-old trying to save her aunt who's been accused of witchcraft (as many outspoken women have been), to a student in boarding school solving her friend's disappearance, to running her country's spy ring, to trying to prevent a devastating war. Fascinating characters and a believable world, and all along, the underlying political climate that leads to intrigue and chaos.

The series is now complete and you can get it here:

Book One: The Witches of Crannock Dale

Book Two: The Rebels of Caer City

Book Three: The Hideous Garden

Book Four: The Rending of the World

Blog Post Pics.png

LOVE ON THE TREE FARM: Murrtham's Tree Farm Series Box Set

by Taylor Delong

Get ready to find Love on the Tree Farm! Murrtham's Tree Farm, that is.

This collection contains three full-length steamy, contemporary romance novels as well as bonus epilogues and BRAND-NEW bonus content!

The Magic of Us: Nellie Sturges is a hot mess single mom, about to be divorced. West Murrtham’s not into kids. A relationship could never work, but is there more to their friendship?

The Magic of Her: Everly Murrtham is looking for her happily ever after. Jackson Smith doesn’t seem to want to settle down. Until their friendship turns into more.

The Magic of Baseball: Lainie Tanner is a football-loving girl, but then college baseball player Walt St. John crashes into her life. Will opposites attract or clash?

J.C. Seal - Virgin & Coven.png

Two amazing books by J.C. Seal!!!

VIRGIN'S CURSE: (An Angels & Demons Novel)

by J.C.Seal

Cursed in her teens, Elena Cadaval has led a secluded, lonely life, dedicated to finding a cure to her ailment. She studied History and Archaeology, always hoping she might discover the source of the curse one day. When she gets offered the Professorship for Archaeology at the university in Athens, she meets her assistant, the mysterious Cas Timaeus. While he tries to help her unravel the curse, she gets drawn into a world beyond her imagination … Will his support help her unravel the mystery surrounding the curse, or will Cas’s own, shocking secrets shatter her beliefs and send her to her doom?

COVEN TALES: I Confess (An Anthology)

by J.C.Seal & Various Authors

With an international cast of talented authors, poets, and artists, Coven Tales: I Confess, is a mind-bending non-stop thrill ride.

These are tales founded in historical horrors, arcane occultism, magical realism, and the paranormal. We find romance and despair, triumph and loss, within stories crafted to move your heart and make you want more. Witchcraft, earth magic, fantastic creatures, and incredible monsters, have followed humankind’s path from the beginning.
It’s time to hear their tales ….

Alisa H. Klinger - The Perfect Move.png

THE PERFECT MOVE: Good Intentions Aren’t Always What They Seem

by Alisa H. Klinger

If you enjoyed Hulu's Only Murders In The Building or Agatha Christie style mysteries, then The Perfect Move is for you! This clever whodunnit keeps you guessing right up to the unexpected ending.

Moving out of New York City into Long Island's upscale suburban community, Gold Coast Estates is everything new mom Hope Klein ever imagined—a dream come true. Hope enjoys getting to know her neighbors—a professional football player, a holocaust survivor, a Huntington's disease victim, and a groundbreaking researcher. Each becomes special to her.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Hope, there's a pair of eyes set on her, watching her every move. When a dead body is discovered in the affluent neighborhood, Hope's perfect world is turned upside down. She teams up with her elderly neighbor to investigate. Was it a suicide, an accident, or murder? Hope is determined to find out.

Never underestimate the tenacity of a stay-at-home mom. If she's not careful she might find herself the next victim...

Stephanie B. Whit - Found Series Pic.png

FOUND: (Book 3 of the Hidden in Roll Series): Complete Series

by Stephanie B. Whitfield

HIDDEN (Book 1): Josephine Baker's life takes an unimaginable turn after finding out that family secret; that she has magical powers. This newfound knowledge leads to a series of exciting and daring events that will alter her life as she knows it. School, boys, and drama quickly become entangled in the world of magic. As she starts to get a handle on her new life, a witch hunter shows up in her small town of Roll. Now that he has found Josephine, he is determined to be the one who eliminates her from the face of the earth... just like he already did to her mother!

MARKED (Book 2): After being specially marked with a fateful target for forever imprisoning the soul of the power-hungry witch hunter Gabriel, Josephine Baker unwisely decides to let her guard down and take a trip to Mexico with her friends. Whenever she leaves the comfort of her hometown of Roll, trouble seems to always follow. This trip is no exception. Each day away from home brings something worse than the day before. While on her trip, Josephine learns that the witch hunter, whom she thought she had rid the world of forever, isn't gone after all and he will stop at nothing to get his revenge.Will the love and special connection she has with Logan be enough to help her finish off the horrendous Gabriel once and for all?

FOUND (Book 3): Jo strives to get back to normal after suffering a tragic loss. When a witch places a locator spell on her at school, she must choose between fighting a potential threat or befriending it. Are the true intentions of this witch good or evil? Becoming friends with this stranger could answer the questions burning in Jo’s mind about the possibilities of her magic. When she meets a new hunter’s guild, her freedom is threatened and her loved ones are in more danger than she anticipated. Will her new alliances fill the void in her heart or push her further to the dark side?

This series is intended for the younger spectrum of the YA genre.


Beth Behshad - The Odyssey of Sarah Hayward.png

The Odyssey of Sarah Hayward

by Beth Behshad


A tragedy that claimed her fiancé’s life forced Sarah to travel halfway around the world. She thought her life would be back to normal now living in England. For two years she had avoided this topic, for a conversation that includes him is like walking on a tip of the ravine: if she falls she would hit rock bottom of pure agony.

But England has different plans for her.



Things weren’t always about honing his blade against the sole of his boots or polishing his rifle. When his aristocratic mother summoned him to protect the well-being of his sister, he was obliged, not only to watch over her but to withstand the rigors of being his nephew’s teacher without the young boy’s knowledge of their relation. Everything was not well— he was an expert marksman who spent years in the garrison, not a stiff-leaden teacher who churned out in some insipid, shallow works. And to make matters worst, a puzzling and mysterious woman entered his life.

Sarah travelled back in time, became a governess of a prominent English aristocrat, learned secrets that could harm the family and witnessed the perils ahead of her and the man she come to love.
Caleb would do anything to keep her.
Sarah would fight for him.Will love still binds two people from different times?

From the busiest streets of Nottingham, to the homey stone-cottages of English countryside to the lavish Halls of noblemen, this story will make you desire to travel back in time.

Kerstin Espinoza Rosero - Burn Red Skies.png

Burn Red Skies

by Kerstin Espinosa Rosero

It starts with a rift that burns a thousand scars into the sky. It makes the winds stop. It makes the stars go dark. It awakens an ancient beast. And with it, a new reign of blood. It is the Summoning. And at the heart of it is fire.


When the Summoner's army blasts through her village, Dove is forced into hiding. Torn from everything she knows, she begins training in the elements with only one goal in mind: to find her brother. She just needs to get past the Summoner's army—but how can she slay a dragon that is already dead?

Beth Worsdell Earth's Angels Trilogy.jpg
Beth Worsdell Earth's Angels 1.jpg

Earth's Angels Trilogy (YA Version) & (Adult Version)

by Beth Worsdell

Earth's Angels (YA Version) & (Adult Version)

A mother's love will save her family. Her determination will save humanity. Her power will save the universe.

Melanie had everything. Four wonderful children. A loving husband. A good life. Until Earth died.

Mel remembers none of it. Not even the apocalypse. Five years later, Mel wakes up in an otherworldly room and learns that angelic beings are using her as part of their plan to save Earth.

Thrust into a world of ancient races and alien wars, Mel soon yearns to join the battle over Earth. But that means putting her husband and children in danger.

Mel, a wife, and mom must discover her courage, power, and destiny if she hopes to rescue Earth from the evil alien invaders determined to destroy everything and everyone she loves.

A timely story about the power of family and the consequences of upsetting a badass mom.

The Marilians (YA Version) & (Adult Version)

Her determination will save humanity. Her power will save the universe.

Melanie is shocked to discover her unborn baby has wings and extraordinary powers. But that doesn’t stop her from joining the fight against the blood-thirsty Marilians.


When they discover a Marilian scout hiding near the human’s quarters, Mel realizes the invasion is imminent. This means all the surviving humans must train and prepare for battle. Including her husband and four children. But there’s no choice if they hope to stop the alien invasion.

As the angels and human survivors train for the battle of a lifetime, Mel wonders about the child growing inside her, a child like no other in the universe. Amid their hectic preparations, friendships build between not only survivors but also humans and angels. Unconventional love forms between races while facing a tragic loss. However, there is no time to grieve.

Meanwhile, Earth’s angels make their own plans when they summon both their elders and an ancient alien race of dragons to help defend Earth.

Angels, dragons, and humans fight for Earth and the survival of humankind in a war where aliens control fire, and their bite or scratch transforms any lifeform into one of them.

Destination Unknown (YA Version) & (Adult Version)

Her power will save the universe.

Melanie, her family, and the other humans must flee Earth if they want to survive.

Devastated by the battle with the Marilians, they find comfort in the newborn child who will forever change the course of the human race. Yet not even the miracle child, Faith, is enough for them to overcome their anger at the Marilians for leaving them homeless and planetless.

The Marilians must be stopped. They are the scourge upon the universe.

Fleeing to the Earth’s Angels world, they meet the rest of the ancient dragons and set up a base. Together they form a plan, that will end the Marilians’ reign of terror, but saving the universe won’t be easy!

Mel, her family, and close friends visit amazing new worlds, enlisting the help of other alien races, decimated by the Marilians. Finding them all too eager to join in the fight.

There is only one way they can hope to win. Taking the fight to the Marilians on their homeworld. Except the Marilians have been busy…

Discover new worlds, the power of family, and the cost of upsetting a badass mother.

This isn't a revenge battle, it's a universal intervention.

Autumn Bardot - Goddesses Inc.png


by Autumn Bardot

The goddess life is fabulous! Until you're fired!

A laugh out loud read about friendship, hot guys, and what matters most.

Four ex-goddesses struggle to find friendship, love, and purpose. Except mortals get in the way. Sexy mortals. Obnoxious mortals. And dangerous ones.

Mnem has everything. A glamorous lifestyle, beauty, family, and immortality. But she doesn’t have a platform. Or followers. Or relevance. Which is why Mnemosyne, goddess of remembrance and mother of the nine muses, is fired. She isn’t the only one.

Three other goddesses from different cultures are also up a mortal creek without a divine paddle. Now they must build a life—a real one.

Although their divinity is gone, their soul and courage remain. But mortal life is so frustrating! Before they have a chance to get a handle on the whole mortality thing, their lives take an unexpected turn with an epic decision. One with deadly consequences.

Meet the Goddesses
Mnemosyne ~ Greek goddess
Inna ~ Nigerian goddess
Axtis ~ Persian goddess
Phra Naret ~ Thai goddess

LM Fox - Deprivation Trilogy.png


by LM Fox


Sick of the constant betrayal, I’ve sworn off men for good. But there’s no cure for my attraction to Dr. Nicholas Barnes.

I’m a magnet for egotistical playboys. It’s been years since I’ve let anyone in. Pursuing me is merely a challenge for this overconfident ladies’ man. What else could this handsome, arrogant surgeon want with me?


I have great friends and a job in the ER I love.  good night’s rest is what I need. One little sleeping pill couldn’t hurt. Could it?


But this irresistible doctor even seduces me in my dreams. It’s a delicious temptation I don’t want to stop. Yet what happens when the line between fantasy and truth becomes blurred? When you can no longer live with the constant deprivation?


This man is beautiful. He’s charming. And he could be the love of my life or my complete destruction.


Everything about Katarina Kelly tells me to run. But this brazen, brown-eyed beauty has brought me to my knees.


As an accomplished surgeon, I’ve managed my life with delicate precision. Meeting my needs without letting anyone get close has been a complex operation. Until her.


I have no problem finding sultry women. Women without enough baggage to fill a jet plane.

So why Kat?


This broken, bewitching minx is the challenge I never saw coming. The best night of my life and she walked away without looking back.


So why chase someone who’s nothing but trouble? Because I already know, without her my life will never be the same.


This woman is enchanting. She’s stunning. She could give me the future I didn’t know I wanted or leave me fractured and alone.


Katarina Kelly
Turmoil is brewing, a product of past and present. Could my decisions cost me everything?


There’s no denying it. I need Nick Barnes like I need oxygen to breathe. This battle is something I no longer want to win. I’m grabbing hold of my happily ever after if it’s the last thing I do.


Nicholas Barnes

How do you start over when betrayal and lies are all you know?  I’m taking a risk knowing she can break me.


This fiercely independent woman is determined to handle this her way. Is there a chance for us to survive this when the surgeon is the one who’s fractured? But I cannot live without her. She’s my everything.


We are headstrong. We are fiercely passionate. And when we are one, we are stronger.

LM Fox - The Bitter Rival.png

THE BITTER RIVAL (Spinoff from the Deprivation Trilogy)

by LM Fox

Sebastian Lee is a self-serving playboy. Arrogance personified.


There’s no need for clever seduction. He merely circles his prey, just waiting to make his move. With his sinfully handsome looks and confidence to match, I’ll take a swim. It’s just one night, right? This single mom has needs too. Until suddenly, you discover the surgeon you’re working with is a shark in blue scrubs. And he doesn’t realize it’s you. 


The volatile connection is no longer limited to the bedroom. This is not the kind of man you bring home to meet your son. We’ve endured enough. Yet these are treacherous waters. Is it purely lust that brings me back for more? Our chemistry is undeniable, the passion unparalleled.


Could I hope for a future with this man, driven to win at any cost? Or is this relationship one more betrayal in the making?

Sunny Abernathy - Books, Blooms & 2 books.jpg


by Sunny Abernathy


Lorelei is the town of Whitehall's unofficial matchmaker. She uses her mom's old teachings of zodiac signs and star reading, paired with her green thumb, to play matchmaker. When someone comes into her little shop, Bloomsticks, she knows what flowers they need to seal the deal or apologize or just flowers to send to dear old mom.

After playing matchmaker for everyone else Lorelei wonders if it is her turn when Daniel, the new owner of the old inn, comes into her shop. But then again she has had her eye on her flower delivery guy forever....maybe she is just a horrible flirt.

As the town flower provider she sets up flowers for a lot of weddings and there is one wedding that might change more than just the course of that one night.


Lorelei is nervous. And for good reason. Not only is it her first holiday with a boyfriend....EVER. But it is her first Holiday with Daniel and his mother. Lorelei has never met a boyfriend's mother, a small accomplishment when you date and live in a small town in Northern Michigan.

She avoided Thanksgiving but now for Christmas, Daniel isn't taking Lorelei's normal excuses.

Lorelei's go-to as a small business owner: I am busy with the flower shop.

Daniel, Well, I am busy with the Inn and I live there 24/7.

How will a herb witch deal with celebrating a Christian holiday with her first real boyfriend...and his mother?

Black Veil free.png


FREE EBOOK!!! BLACK VEIL by Tirza Schaefer


Even though Black Veil is only a short prequel to my series HER HAREM that is still in the planning stage, it contains all the first chapters of my entire catalogue of books and is regularly updated as well when new books are published. In this way, you can freely read samples of all my books free of risk and decide then whether or not you want to continue reading and buy the book or maybe try the next on the list. Please remember, positive reviews help authors to gain higher rankings in the online stores' algorithms and other readers to make an informed choice and give an as yet unknown author a chance. If you didn't enjoy a book, it would be great if you could reach out privately to the author and voice your concerns and share objective and constructive points of criticism. Thank you so much for all your support!

Please note that in some countries, Amazon keeps setting the book back to 99ct or its equivalent. If that happens in your store, use a different platform to download the file from or contact me via email at info@tirzaschaefer.com and I'll be happy to send you the current mobi file if you prefer that. You can also check for updates when a new book is published if it is not yet included in the version you already have. Enjoy!


Read FREE as Ebook

How Picasso Makes You a Genius.png



A mother has to sign a paper her 8-year-old daughter Tarini brings home from school and from there ensues a conversation about Picasso, a caveman and a swarm of mosquitoes, Lewis Hamilton, the Ancient Romans and how to mix up a cake, all before taking a chill pill.


This entire funny narration by international author Tirza Schaefer leads to your child’s empowerment by learning how life functions, combining sciences and psychology with logic into one whole sensible construct, which is as coherent and understandable as it is empowering.


2021 and there is no end of the lockdown in sight. Speaking to so many other parents, teachers, etc., anyone who has to do with children on a daily basis, I hear how adversely this situation affects so many children and youths. And because of that, especially as many families have been hit hard financially by this pandemic as well, I wanted to give a special gift to the world and those humans in it that are OUR FUTURE! Our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, pupils and students.


This book can be read by children of all school ages and it may also prove to be a beacon of light for some adults as well. Please download the book by clicking on the picture above or the link below and help spread the word by passing it on to all your family, friends and educational institutions. It is non-denominational and based on science and psychology. Thank you and may you enjoy this book and feel empowered by it. And most of all, prepare to giggle!


Much love, Tirza xoxo


Read FREE as Ebook


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