She Gave Him A Special Gift & He Gave Her His Life



Chahna Seaver meets US Marines Officer and Trainer Hunter Santiago on his birthday at a club in Germany where his unit is visiting German military for two weeks of communal training. Many women have cast their eye on the handsome military man, but he only has eyes for Chahna. She is afraid of breaking her heart, yet she is unable to resist the pull Hunter has on her…

Will their feelings for each other result in a deeper connection than just a week’s romantic affair?

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Creation of The Book


Birthday Present was my third erotic romance novel, but it was also the first featuring a US Marine officer as hero. As this was the birth of my US military hero books, it was only fitting to center it around a birthday. The hero’s birthday. His name is Hunter Santiago and he is sexy as hell, a warrior, and Chahna Seaver falls for him head over heels. She is trying to remain a good girl – at least for a couple of hours – but, let’s face it, which woman could resist so much bundled Marine charm? Especially when they don’t do men like this where you come from.


I love reading romance novels myself and military ones are high up on my list in that genre. Badass Marines or Navy Seals have something about them the average guy off the street just doesn’t have. They are trained warriors and which woman doesn’t like to feel safe and protected? That’s the fascination of it on which an entire subculture in the romance genre is founded.


When I wrote this book, starting it in a club in Germany, I based it partially on a memory I had of my own 30th birthday party. It was quite an eventful night. I had invited some friends to dinner at an Indonesian restaurant and thereafter I had planned to go dancing in a club at a hotel.


However, one of my friends looked a bit scruffy. He hadn’t known that the dress code was a bit more up-market and not dressed accordingly. When the security guard at the door would not allow him inside, he was about to take his leave and let us go without him, but we decided, we would not abandon him, so we went to a different, more casual club instead.


I had great fun dancing and enjoying the time with my friends until I saw a man who was watching me. He was tall, dark, muscular and really handsome. He came over and talked to me and we got on well that evening, so we extended the acquaintance and arranged for a first date.


My birthday is at the beginning of November and my daughter Tarjani was born in the last third of August the following year. She is an absolutely stunningly beautiful young lady and moreover, very talented, intelligent and well-liked wherever she goes. I adore my children, which mother doesn’t? And being a poet, I have written a special poem for Tarjani which I have made a video of. Watch it here.


This little tale should remind you that miracles do happen. And you mustn’t forget that you are such a miracle, too. You are awesome, divine, beautiful and loveable. You have your own unique talents and traits. There is no one like you on the entire face of the earth! See, how special and unique you are? Absolutely glorious!


And when Chahna meets Hunter in Birthday Present, she cannot believe that he would be interested in her at first because she thinks she is not good enough. She doesn’t see her own beauty as clearly as Hunter sees it. But over the course of the story, she becomes more confident and grows into her own power, doing things her way and creating a happily ever after for herself! – And so can you!

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An Excerpt


He shrugged with a grin. Chahna was glad she was sitting on a stool. Otherwise she might be a puddle at his feet by now. She took in all of his face. Smouldering charcoal eyes, piercing and intelligent with thick, curly lashes were set above a nose with somewhat flaring nostrils and a wide, bow-shaped mouth. His stubble was just enough to make him look a little rugged and his jaw was very strong and masculine. His black hair was kept short, his eyebrows were perfectly arched and his broad neck tapered out into wide, muscular shoulders that elongated into powerful arms. This man was definitely a warrior through and through. An absolute alpha male, she thought.


He smiled at her, showing two rows of perfectly aligned white teeth that were every cosmetic dentist’s wet dream. He had dimples that were more lines in his cheeks than pointed holes and a slight cleft in his chin made him look even more handsome and determined. Around his eyes were fine lines, showing clearly that his age was closer to hers than the usual clientele frequenting this establishment.


He took off his jacket.


“May I?” he asked and pointed at the backrest of her stool where she had already hung her own jacket.




He revealed a muscle shirt and tribal tattoos that graced his upper arms. On one of them was the Marines logo. She felt a delicious heat pool low in her belly. The tattoos spread over his shoulders and to his chest, disappearing below the cotton of his olive t-shirt. It looked beautiful on his bronze skin.


“Hey, boss, congratulations! Happy birthday!”


The young men raised their bottles to him and one made a joke on him getting a special birthday present that night. Chahna pretended not to have heard. He had turned his back to her to raise his own bottle in salute and thank his men. As he lifted it to his lips, Chahna watched the muscles move beneath his skin. He had very wide shoulders and she wanted to touch him so badly!


“How about a birthday dance?” one of the men suggested and Hunter was pulled to the dancefloor. Once again, Chahna was alone. She took another sip from her juice and watched Hunter dancing in a comical way, making his men laugh out loud. Chahna grinned. So he had a good sense of humour as well.


Already, some of the young women were moving in on the warriors and one started to dance close to Hunter. They exchanged a few words and danced together without touching, but when one of the girls came too close, he moved away a little, said something, touched her shoulder affectionately and passed her on to one of his men who was about the same age as her. Hunter returned to the bar – and to Chahna.


“Good Lord, I thought she was merely indulging me as a birthday dance or something and then she tried a bump and grind! I could be her father! That girl’s got serious issues.”


He shook his head.


“Jesus,” he muttered.


Chahna laughed.


“Need a bodyguard? There are a few more who are eyeing you up.”


“Oh God, yes, please! I can fight the Taliban, but definitely not a bunch of teen girls on hormones.”


He took her hand.


“You haven’t given me a birthday dance yet.”


“I am not going to dance with all those young people…” Chahna tried to stall, but he wouldn’t listen.


“Come on, we can’t just sit here all night. You might just OD on vitamin C as well, if you’re not careful. Better get some out of your system."


“Please, Hunter, I feel too self-conscious in this crowd!”


“Just keep looking at me and pretend no one else is there.”


Bad idea. She might just jump him. If her legs didn’t give way before that, that was. He was pure masculine power! She felt so shy in his presence. She hadn’t even been able to say more than a few words, being all tongue-tied. His charisma was certainly having a strong effect on her.


He started to dance and she rocked a little from one foot to the other. There was no way she could dance with him like she usually would.


“I think you can do more than that,” he challenged her, raising a brow.

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