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Ricarda, the goddaughter of a US Army General, works for the NSA. Usually, she sits at desks to catch criminals, but now she has been assigned on a field trip. This mission is not her ordinary assignment. Together with a Special Operations Marine, Luis da Silva, she is supposed to go undercover as a married couple on their honeymoon.

Ricarda despises the macho, chauvinist man until she is faced with the choice of protecting her own life or saving his right back. From there ensues a journey that takes her across oceans with a US Navy Seal and across European mountain ranges from Italy all the way to Switzerland. All the while, she does not know where Luis is or why an entire army is trying to kill her before she can accomplish her mission.

Her journey takes her ultimately on a trip into the past which threatens the very foundations of her relationship with the man she loves.

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The Book's Creation


I wanted to write something with a little more action. I wanted to create something that would not only be sexy but also a real adventure ride. I had just read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and it had moved me to tears. I wasn’t going to write a book that had people die in like this, but I wanted some scenes that were action-packed, and there had to be humour and steamy romance in it as well.


Then I saw a video from YouTube with some Mexican band. The idea was born. A SpecOps Marine would go on a mission with an NSA agent who usually worked in offices but now got her first field assignment. Two worlds clash, the “civilised” Ricarda and Luis, the Badass Marine. It’s funny, but it’s also painful. He pulls all her triggers. Who hasn’t been in some sort of relationship with a lover, a friend, a colleague or other person and felt insecure and hurt by something the other said, judging from a perspective of past pain experienced?


And Luis seems to be just that man who says and does things that can drive a modern woman nuts. However, then Ricarda scratches more than the surface and both learn about each other more, which sheds a whole new light on each other’s character. I wanted to highlight the filters we have in our personal perspective that what seems so obvious in our eyes may not be the entire truth or the truth at all.


It also shows you how careless words based on superficial assumptions can trigger deep pain in another because of past traumas or hurtful experiences you may not know about. Ricarda learns that she has Luis sized up all wrong and Luis learns to be more circumspect with his remarks because they will otherwise get misconstrued.


Not always together, the two not only end up on a chase around the world and the ending is not what you would expect, either. Actually, you know me, there is always an element of light reference to spirituality in most of my romance books as well. So Ricarda goes swimming with a Seal and some dolphins. I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins, it’s definitely on the top of my bucket list, right after a magical trip to Ancient Egypt. Dolphins are beautiful, intelligent and compassionate creatures and I have read many articles and watched quite a lot of videos and documentaries on how dolphins rescue people, what healing powers they have when you go swimming with them.


So as Ricarda is swimming in the ocean, there had to be dolphins. I’d been waiting to be able to put this in a book and I loved writing this part especially. It doesn’t last long, the journey continues, and there is only that much time a human, especially without advanced swim training can stay in the water, even when it’s warm. But this experience has a lightening effect on the mind when engaged in the thrill of the adventure, and it has an element of hope and love in a situation that is otherwise ruled by attempted murder and destruction on a grand scale.


The end is the most surprising I have ever come up with, which makes the book special to me. The situation cannot be resolved without Ricarda reaching deep into herself to bring out the Badass Heroine from within as well. There is team effort, personal growth and courage, not only under fire but when she has to face one of the greatest fears in her psyche. In this, it is not only an adventure and romance story, but it is also about personal victory over fears and doing the right thing even when no one would find out otherwise, had one not followed the path of honour, rather than personal comfort.


Ricarda and Luis are not the only characters featured in this story and there is more interaction with others, but I won’t tell too much. Find out for yourself!

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Coming soon...

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Reviews for Badass Heroes

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It's Badass

Talk about macho! But why does he have to be so hot and…loveable! Oh my God, does he melt me. I can see it all happen like a movie in front of my inner eye. And that sexy, deep baritone voice that is just dripping with honey. No wonder, the female protagonist goes crazy over him in more ways than one.


And then she grows into being her own hero while swimming with dolphins and a seal, escaping bomb blasts and snipers. Got my pulse rate at a continuously high speed. Either from the heat or the thrill. What a book! You’ve got to read it!

Karen Bennett, Amazon

* * *


Wow, what an amazing and gripping story. This author never ceases to amaze me. This is one book that could carry on forever and you would be hanging onto every word that the author has to say. This book will keep you turning those pages until you have devoured everything these books have to offer.

I especially loved the relationships between the characters.

One of the best authors I have read so far by miles.

Dark Raven Reviews, Amazon

You think this book is full of heroic men doing heroic deeds – and they do – BUT(!!!)

You think this book is full of heroic men doing heroic deeds – and they do – BUT(!!!) at the centre of it all is a woman who grows into heroism in spite of her not being some superhero to start with and who shows not only enormous courage in physical danger, but also develops an inner strength that is dynamic and breathtaking.


Badass Heroes has many interesting, exciting and surprising twists and turn, from Tequila to bureaucracy, from dolphins to mountains. An epic journey! Love it!!!

Reader, Amazon

* * *

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