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I love to explore the Divine Feminine and write about Goddesses. For a list of those, click on the link: Goddesses. In order to become more balanced within ourselves and, through that, to bring greater balance and harmony to the world around us, we must find greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves that each one of us possesses, regardless of physical gender or any other ways of self-identification.

Goddess of the Dawn

Aurora is the Roman Goddess of the dawn. She is the equivalent to the Greek Goddess Eos. Like her and the Rigvedic Goddess Ushas, she stems from the Indo-European dawn Goddess Hausos. In Lithuanian, her name is Ausrine (the morning star/Venus) and the West-Germanic spring Goddess Eastre or Eostre. There is also a male deity in Latvian mythology called Auseklis who has at least linguistic ties to this deity.


Aurora appears in Roman mythology and poetry. She heralds the rising of the sun, her brother Sol, and the disappearance of her sister Luna, the moon. Renewing herself each day, she flies across the sky at great speed. The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis are also named after her. The most common colours in those are green, blue and purple. These colours are created from the electrical charge igniting nitrogen. The least common colour is red.


According to the Roman poet Ovid, she could be the daughter of Pallas or Hyperion. She is part of the second generation of immortals, who are all gods of nature. Being a Goddess of great beauty, she most often appears in sexual poetry. One of her lovers was the mortal Tithonus, prince of Troy. She aske Jupiter to make him immortal and he granted her wish, but because she didn’t ask for him to remain young, he continued to age and became very old. Aurora then turned him into a cicada.


A Vision of Beauty

Virgil, in the fourth book of his Aeneid, and later, Rutilius Claudius Namatianus both mention her in conjunction with saffron in their writings. It is probably safe to deduce that Aurora was associate with the plant crocus and spice from which it is derived. Virgil states that she sleeps on a bed of saffron and Rutilius calls her Saffron Aurora. It is a yellow spice that is very expensive, even to this day.

Aurora is typically depicted as driving a chariot. This chariot is carried by two horses, usually white or pink, across the sky, ushering in the dawn. Being a solar Goddess, she shares this image of driving a chariot with the Norse Goddess Freya. The Ancient Egyptian sun God Ra traverses the sky in a bark instead.


Aurora came to me when I mediated on the Goddess for the new year of 2024. She appeared in my vision as a beautiful young woman, naked, with the loveliest smile. I love open smiles. I smile a lot myself, which is often remarked upon by others and the reason, I called my spiritual social media profiles Tirza The Smiling Goddess. Needless to say, she already had me smiling brightly in return before she even began to speak. Her energy was warm, but not too hot, just enough to feel comfortable and cosy, and she walked in a meadow with tall grass, plants and some wildflowers.


A Message from Aurora

My beautiful child, I bring you a message not only for this year, but it also applies to all who seek to work with me.


Here, she meant her energy and wisdom.


I am the Goddess of Dawn, heralding a new day that has not yet begun. The sun cannot yet be seen in the sky. However, my light is the promise of it coming. The same is true for this coming year. My light shines, heralding a new day. This is the dawn of a new era, with renewed hope and anticipation. This is the time for those who bring messages of light to emerge from the shadows, stop hiding and step boldly out into the light.


Those of you who are on this path will find ample opportunities to bring their light to a wider audience and gain in impact with their words and actions. Your wisdom is needed. But not only for others, but for yourselves. You must be just as bold to face your own fears and shadows. The coming light will shine and reveal those, too. There is no judgement, merely an aid to make you become aware of things you have previously hidden from. Now is the time to face those things that are uncomfortable.



It can become uncomfortable as you work through these, but know, that it is only temporary and will serve you well in the long run. As fast as the horses gallop across the sky, drawing my chariot, your growth will accelerate, and the tangible and intangible results will manifest. Earth is rising in vibration and consequently, time speeds up. Manifestations of your thoughts, emotions and actions will come in faster and greater than ever before.


Because of this, fear not, but be bold, take those risks that you may perceive that way, open your heart, your mind and your inner vision to show you the way forward in all you do in this coming year. Be joyful and excited. Embark on a great new adventure, a new, exciting phase in your life! Grab the bull by the horns, as they say. Life will not wait for you. The time is now!


The Way Forward

I say this with so much love, not to put you under any pressure, but to show you the way forward and encourage you to take that leap, to work on your dreams and make them a manifest reality, because you can. There has never been a better time than now. There has never been a time better suited for you to shed the cloak of invisibility, of fear and self-doubt than now.


I see you, I love you, and I encourage you. You are safe, my beloved children. Safe to come out to play and shine. You have not really begun yet, you have not yet conceived of your own true grandeur and light. Bring it out into the world, so it may also encourage others to do the same. Play your part in bringing this world the light of spiritual awareness that it needs in order to move up into a new era of love and light, a global awakening, for my chariot races across each sky, whether it be in Scandinavia or Southern Africa, in Alaska or Chile, in Siberia or Thailand, in Australia or anywhere else in the world. I am there with the promise of a new dawn, a new day, a new life for you to feel good – if I might loosely refer to that wonderful song that says yes to life so whole-heartedly.


Tarot Card


0 The Fool



Agate, Labradorite, Peach Moonstone

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