Long before I dared to publish my own first book, I was already copywriting for others and proof-reading others' works. At first for friends, later also for clients. However, it took me until 2015 to work up the courage and learn the necessary skills to publish my first books. It had been a long and daunting process of putting myself out there with what I felt was part of my soul bared.

Fast forward to the present. I have currently 24 books published on Amazon and am working on more. As I am all too familiar with the doubts, the fears and the insecurities that come with writing your first book, the motivation to keep going and the challenge of having to learn new skills in the process, I decided to use my knowledge and wisdom to support others on this path by offering affordable coaching of a different kind than your average creative writing course.

Being an empath, intuitive and spiritual healer, I am combining my writing and technical skills with teaching you how to imbue your work, whether self-help book or horror story, romance novel or textbook, with the energies necessary to ensure the best quality reading experience for the reader, as well as ensuring that you put your best foot forward energetically.

But whatever your personal needs are, whatever it is that you need help with exactly, at whatever stage of the writing process you are, I am here to guide and accompany you, support you, cheer you on and teach you the ropes. There is no fixed standard program for this, as the writing process is highly individual and I offer my service tailor-made for your needs.

My coaching is a subscription service, so you can choose as and when you need my support. You can subscribe and cancel anytime, as and when you like. You simply subscribe monthly and you will be charged after one month again automatically unless you cancel your subscription beforehand. This way, you can engage my services as and when you need them and have the highest possible flexibility.

There is also a Facebook group where you can exchange thoughts, questions and inspiration with other members and where I will post writing tips, motivational posts and so on. Moreover, we will have four 30-minute calls, one each week, so you are kept accountable and can ask any questions you have in a timely manner. You can also post your questions in the group and I will answer them in a timely manner. Please tag me to ensure I will see your posts.

This entire personal coaching package that is valued at €399.00 monthly you can get for only €39.00/month for now!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me and I am happy to arrange a free discovery call with you where I can answer your questions and we can see whether we are a fit.

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